UK Prison Officer Who Had S*x With Prisoner On Camera Is A Married Woman Who Has An Onlyfans Account

A Female UK prison officer who had s3x with an inmate on camera is a married woman, who proudly calls her husband "bestie" and has an Onlyfans account where they share X-rated videos.


Linda De Sousa Abreu, 29, had s3x with a prisoner at HMP Wandsworth in a s3x tape which had gone viral on the internet.

The officer was seen giving oral s3x with an overjoyed prisoner before proceeding to have s3x with him while his bunkmate recorded them and boasted on the video.

During the footage, the inmate filming the act joked: “This is how we live at Wandsworth. This is a movie innit – gangsters online.” As the sex act continued, the prisoner used his hands to close the mouth of the officer for her moans not to be heard.

The video was circulated among other prisoners using illegally-held phones.

Linda also reportedly has an explicit OnlyFans account.

Linda reportedly quit her job as a prison officer after the footage emerged.


Her sister Andreina told the Mail: "She's a swinger. She was on a Channel Four programme called Open House.


"I never saw it. It's not the sort of thing I'd watch with my little sister in."

Andreina added: "I only found out that she worked for the prison service in January.

"That's when I spoke to her and said do not mix your lifestyle with work. Don't be stupid, don't do stupid things."

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