Pr0stitute, 30 Is Strangled To Death By Hotel Guest During $2,000 S3x Marathon

A pr0stitute, in Las Vegas, USA was murdered during a $2,000 hotel sex session with an Army Veteran client who 'snapped' and strangled her, police officers say.  

Larissa Garcia, a 30-year-old mother, was killed at the Palms Resort on June 12,  with suspect Jason Kendall, 35, reporting himself to police on June 28.


The police report detailed Kendall's alleged motive for the horrific attack.

'Jason said Larissa requested additional payment and he 'snapped,'' documents said.

'He hit her in the face and 'choked' her for 'ten minutes' and 'then had sex with her.' After having sex with Larissa, Jason said he 'drug her away from the door and left.'

After leaving the hotel he called the police to report an overdose.'

Kendall allegedly confessed to choking Garcia on June 12. He is now being held in custody without bail and faces charges of open murder, sexual assault, and battery.

An anonymous caller, who at press time has not been identified as Kendall, called police and reported an overdose inside a hotel room on the day of the murder. Hotel security responded to the call and found Garcia on the floor with a cut on her jaw.

Doctors at Spring Valley Hospital did not detect alcohol or drugs in her blood, immediately removing overdose as a possible cause of death.

The doctors suspected Garcia was a victim of battery based on her sustained injuries.

'Upon further inspection… it looks like she was assaulted,' the nurse told the dispatcher about 15 minutes after Garcia arrived at the hospital. 

'We thought it was an overdose, but she is not responding to Narcan or any of those drugs.'

'Do we have any suspect information at all?' the dispatcher asked the nurse.

'No, no one was there, and like I said, it was an unknown caller, an anonymous caller,' the nurse said.


Garcia was declared brain dead and died at the hospital one week after the incident at the Palms.

Police found out that the room reservation was placed by Kendall. They then met the suspect at a different hotel, where he declined to provide information without the presence of an attorney.

Six days after the initial incident at the Palms, a nurse specializing in sexual assault trauma reported that Garcia had been strangled and 'possibly suffocated.'

Surveillance footage from the Palms shows Kendall meeting Garcia in the lobby around 4 p.m. An hour later, Kendall is seen leaving the hotel alone.

Detectives later located messages between Kendall and Garcia and a history of Kendall viewing Garcia's escort advertisement, documents said.

Garcia was a single mother of two, her friends told 8News. May her soul rest in peace.

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