You Can Become Like Lasmid : DJ Azonto To King Paluta

DJ Azonto has issued a stern warning to fellow artist King Paluta, advising him to take a step back and reconsider his approach to his shining career. 

According to DJ Azonto, King Paluta's recent statements and actions could lead him down a path similar to that of Lasmid, whose career has seen a huge decline despite initial VGMA success.

Speaking at a recent interview, DJ Azonto pointed out that since the Telecel Ghana Music Awards chose to award Lasmid’s song over his hit track "Fa No Fom," Lasmid’s popularity has significantly waned. 

"King Paluta needs to relax and focus on his work. Bragging about traveling and performing for 18 Euros isn't going to sustain his career," DJ Azonto stated. 

He referenced a recent appearance by King Paluta on UTV’s United Showbiz, where Paluta boasted about his constant travels and performances, claiming he rarely sees his bed because he is always on international move.

DJ Azonto disagreed with this portrayal, sharing his own experience of being booked for a concert in Hamburg alongside King Paluta. "I charged $20,000 for the event, but the organizers couldn’t meet my demands. I chose not to perform for 18 Euros, even though travel arrangements were ready," DJ Azonto explained. 

He advised King Paluta to avoid getting too comfortable with a few international gigs and instead concentrate on building a sustainable career.

"King Paluta is a talented artist, but he should not become complacent. The industry can turn on you quickly, as we’ve seen with Lasmid. Winning awards is great, but maintaining relevance and personality in the industry is crucial," DJ Azonto added.

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