Jealous Girlfriend Destroys Boyfriend’s TV Over Suspected Cheating | WATCH

A young man has shared a video on social media showing the moment his angry girlfriend vandalized his house over suspicion of cheating.

Apparently, the lady whose face was not captured on tape had been informed that her boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman.

She quickly rushed to the man’s house to confirm the rumour for herself. Surprisingly she was denied entry by her lover for reasons best known to him.

According to a post shared on his page, the girlfriend who could not control her emotions started pelting objects through the window into his living, causing damage to his television set and other properties.

“She is my girlfriend, she said someone told her that I’m inside the house with another woman. So she destroyed my things through the window,” read the caption he attached to the video.

Meanwhile, some netizens have expressed shock over how the jealous girlfriend could destroy the properties of her boyfriend over a rumour she heard.

Many have also faulted the man for the damage caused to his stuff.

They assert that he could have avoided it if he allowed the girlfriend into the house to confirm the rumour herself if indeed he had nothing to hide.

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