Lady Claims Women Are Now Swallowing Padlocks And Making Incisions On Their Private Part To Trap People's Husbands

A Nigerian lady has made a startling claim on Twitter and it is centered on the lengths some women allegedly go to trap people’s husbands.

@TheOliviaMead claimed that some women now swallow padlocks and make incisions on their private parts to trap people’s husbands.

The lady who claimed that she didn’t see these things in Nigeria, said she got to know about them when she relocated to United Arab Emirates.

She tweeted;

If you see what babes are doing to make men throw their wives and kids out of his house, you go cold. Stay prayed up cos it’s a jungle outchea. People are locking peoples husbands in padlock and swallowing it. Men too if you love your life, stay faithful.

I don’t know why I didn’t see these things in naij. All I did was work and go home to my daughter. I didn’t socialize much. Na for this country I see things. Babes de fly for night omo iya mi. Especially if your husband is wealthy. No lose guard

Person use razor mark her vagina come put juju inside. Three marks each in two places. You think say na clear eye man wey build em life around you go meet one babe one day and the next day your things are on the streets with your kids? Lol. If you no sabi juju, sha de pray

Half the shit that happens to these kneegas, they deserve it too cos why can’t you stay one place? You have a beautiful family and you can afford nearly everything under the sun why not rest? Now see you inside bottle.

Lady claims women are now swallowing padlocks and making incisions on their private part to trap people

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