Shakira Appears To Blast Her Ex Gerard Pique In Recent Songs After Cheating Scandal

Shakira has appeared to take several jabs at ex Gerard Piqué via her music after the Spanish footballer was allegedly unfaithful in their relationship.

The 45-year-old Colombian pop star first appeared to include a jab at Piqué, 35, in her single Te Felicito (I Congratulate You), as noted by The Sun.

A key line in the song is translated as, ‘To make you whole / I broke myself in pieces / I was warned, but I didn’t take heed / Don’t tell me you’re sorry / I know you well and I know you’re lying.’

In an interview with Elle Magazine, the hitmaker was asked about the line and it’s apparent connection to her marital issues.

‘Is that the feeling that you had that you kind of had to give a part of yourself during that relationship, which perhaps was hard to get back?’ she was asked by Lulu Garcia-Navarro.

‘I can only say that either consciously or subconsciously, everything I feel, everything I go through is reflected in the lyrics I write, in the videos I make,’ Shakira responded. ‘When the glove fits, it fits. Like I said before, my music is that channel.’

Shakira’s song and the accompanying video featuring the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, who is currently dating Rosalía.

In the video, he appears to play both a romantic interest to Shakira, as well as a robotic clone of the same person, which Shakira tinkers away at until it comes to life.

Earlier this month, Shakira was seen filming a video for her single Monotonia that also featured what appeared to be a critique of her relationship with Piqué.

The pop star could be seen carrying a fake heart in her hand, presumably to symbolize her heartbreak. She also had a black circle over her chest that was presumably meant to be replaced later with computer-generated imagery of a hole in her chest.

The timing suggests it was related to Shakira’s split from Piqué, as he was seen only days earlier making his debut with his PR student girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, 23.

Last month there were images of Piqué passionately kissing his new love interest in a new video taken by Spanish media outlet Socialite at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia.

The now former couple announced their split back in June, though there was reports Shakira did not want the relationship to end at the time.

According to Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Shakira and Gerard are trying to remain friends for the sake of their children; sons Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven despite their relationship being strained.

The split announcement followed rumors in the Spanish tabloids that the couple were on the verge of breaking up with sources claiming he had cheated on the star.

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