Woman Teams Up With Her Boyfriend To Kill Her Husband’s Manhood

A woman has disclosed how she rendered her husband’s manhood useless with the help of her boyfriend so she could end her marriage.

The young woman identified as Angela revealed her family forced her to get married to her husband because she got pregnant after they had a one-night stand.

According to Angela, she wasn’t in love with her husband and only got married because he got her pregnant.

She indicated that she started having an extramarital affair after her husband denied her divorce.

Since she wanted to finally get married to her boyfriend, who she has been dating for three years, they hatched a plan to kill her husband’s manhood.

Angela revealed that her boyfriend took her to a spiritualist who gave her a concoction to put in her husband’s drink which later made him impotent.

“I needed to find a way to escape. I didn’t want to be the problem but to push all the problems on my husband. I discussed it with my boyfriend and we agreed to kill his manhood so I would blame the problem on his manhood not working. I would not be blamed for denying him sex and to avoid family, pastors and counsellors coming in.

For this reason, the manhood needed to go. I don’t love the man, why will I have his child? The first one is enough. If I want more children, I should be with someone I love. I have been with my boyfriend for three years. We are in love else we wouldn’t have come this far. My boyfriend took me somewhere and I was given a concoction to put in his drink and after that, his manhood went off”, Angela confessed.

Angela explained that it was the only way her husband will grant her divorce and that she doesn’t regret her actions as she is in love with her boyfriend.

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