CCTV Shows NIB Spy In Captain Smart’s Office Before His Arrest

Footage that appears to show a spy from the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) operatives wandering at the premises of Media General moments before the arrest of Captain Smart has been released.

The video captures an unidentified woman walking into the reception lobby as a visitor to scout the facility for the whereabouts of the broadcast journalist.

She was reportedly communicating with security operatives who were allegedly parked a few meters away from the Kanda-based private media firm waiting for the green light to swoop up on Captain Smart.

Not long did operatives from the NIB invade Media General to pick up the fearless and outspoken journalist for criticising the government.

Watch the video below.

Before the arrest, the government had cited the controversial broadcaster for making unsubstantiated claims that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is actively involved in illegal mining.

Mr. Smart was referred to the National Media Commission for the comments.

The government also said Mr. Smart, along with his employer, Media General, could face a lawsuit over the claims.

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