Ckrowd Announces Partnership With DMAAS

Ckrowd, Africa’s leading, premium content streaming platform, has announced a major investment to further develop her DIGITAL MARKETING AS A SERVICE (DMAAS) technology for content creators and businesses interested in expanding their subscribers’ reach and driving revenue from sales of their content or other products and services.

This B2B positioning or approach from Ckrowd will allow creators and businesses to expand the breadth of their services to new emerging markets and audiences, through our more efficient and innovative advertising tool, Ckrowd Advert.

Following the development of its very successful advertising tool called Ckrowd Advert, Ckrowd intends to further expand their capacity from selling 6.3 million messages across emails, WhatsApp and SMS in few months, to 10billion messages annually.

Ckrowd Advert was implemented nine months ago after the acquisition of digital marketing agency by Ckrowd, and since then it has contributed to the facilitation of content distribution and marketing for Ckrowd Exclusive Content, Creators in Live Music, Films, and Digital Classes. Businesses offering products and services across the African continent are also subscribers to the Ckrowd Advert services. This tool has proved effective and efficient for businesses interested in strategically targeting a wider and less traditional consumer base online.

Ckrowd CEO, Kayode Adebayo said “Ckrowd’s investment will start by developing Ckrowd Advert for 10,000 B2B users. This will deliver an upward of $3 million as annual revenue from only 1000 users MoM (Month on Month). Our intention is to send 10billion messages annually for creators and business owners”

He went on to add that “Ckrowd’s investment into Ckrowd Advert will ensure that the right people are reached and funnelled towards your content, product and services, adding to the bottom-line for these enterprises. Ckrowd has spent the last year investing in data and technology strategy to create innovative solutions for advertisers to engage their audiences with greater precision and accuracy in a privacy-focused way and it has worked consistently, as many creators and businesses have achieved better publicity, awareness and conversions in their day-to-day trading and activities using Ckrowd Advert.

Ckrowd’s latest investments in DMAAS (Digital Marketing as a service) will help companies to gain the ability to provide consumers with impactful content that converts, access to informed by data, optimized by channel, and delivered at scale, reaching a wide African and Diasporan audience. A wider digital audience will also enjoy consistent notification about unique and exclusive contents (Live or On Demand) available on platform.

About Ckrowd

Ckrowd (Pronounced as crowd) distributes African Content in information, education, and entertainment to a global audience in short video and live-stream format.

It has been created to solve the problem of poor revenue for African and Afro-Diaspora content creators by allowing to profit from revenue opportunities on the platform, while also providing an online portal where original, exclusive varieties of African content are well organized, can be accessed with ease and consumed as on demand short videos and live series.

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