Ghanaians Accuse Joselyn Dumas Of Enhancing Her Body

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas, has been accused of going under the knife to enhance her body after sharing a video of herself seriously training at the gym.

It has now become an increasing trend for slay queens and female celebrities to artificially enhance their bodies by increasing the size of their butts and curves hence the accusations levelled against Josyely aren’t surprising.

According to these critics, although Joselyn Dumas is naturally endowed but the recent increase in the size of her butts and curves is suspicious.

Some have even alleged that she went under the knife 5 years ago to improve her physical appearance but because liposuction was not very common back then, none of us suspected her to have done such a thing.

However, her die-hard fans also insist otherwise – They are strongly defending her in the comments section of the video.

Her fans claim her body is natural and she hasn’t undergone any kind of liposuction unlike Nana Ama Mcbrown, Kisa Gbekele, Sandra Ankobiah, Salama Mumin and others.

Watch below.

Check out some of the comments left by Ghanaians in the comments section of the video;

jackiekingsford7 – It went down bam an she was sitting sitting nkoaaa den she went fr top up an she is standing standing nkoaaa, ds thing ee is fr d brave an rich nkoaaa, cos u wl always go back fr more, an if u can’t take risk nso dier frget

_naima_nd – Please incase some ppl didn’t know. Dumas too has pass back door.infact one of the first ppl to do it.

doppelganger_africa – She’s culprit number one . They only exercise to maintain

nhanha_aba_animah_ – Dumas was huge but she wasn’t too curvy like this,she also passed back door

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