Husband Destroys Car He Bought For His Side Chick

A married man went haywire after he caught his side chick cheating on him with another man.

Apparently, the man has been taking care of the lady for the past 3 years by paying her school fees, rent, groceries and other essentials.

He bought her Range Rover recently to make her movement in town very easy not knowing the lady had another guy she was going out with.

Fortunately for the married man, he caught his side chick and her second lover red-handed cruising inside the Range Rover he bought for her.

Out of total exasperation, he got out of his car and moved towards where the Range Rover he bought for his side chick was parked.

He gathered a couple of stones plus sticks and completely destroyed the car beyond recognition.

A video from the incident has landed on the internet and received mixed reactions from social media users.

Almost 99% of the comments under the video suggest that the man should have behaved himself rather than acting like a hoodlum.

Instead of destroying the car, he could have involved the police to safely retrieved his property without breaking a sweat.

Watch below.


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