Man Shoots His Girlfriend Of 7 Years To Death For Infecting Him With HIV | WATCH

There’s no love in this world again. The vibe between people now is just on a benefits basis, the moment one loses the cool, the unthinkable happens.

A story is currently trending on social media, especially on the statuses of WhatsApp users.

The story and the video that accompanies is about a man who has shot his girlfriend to death for affecting him with HIV.

According to the story, the man and the lady (killed) has dated for 7 years and planned to marry in no time until the lady did something the lead to her sudden killing.

The story narrates that the lady 3 years ago went clubbing with friends while he had told the boyfriend (Man) that she had a tiresome day hence retiring to bed.

At the club she met a man whom she barely knew. After hours of talking and partying, the lady got heavily drunk and lost her self.

She was taken by from the club to the guy’s (the one she met at the club) car and had sex in the car.

Following the incident, the lady confided in her best friend about the happening that night.

Months after the sexual rounds, the lady, per the story, started experiencig sores around her pubic area.

Alarmed by the changes in her system, she sought medical help and was told she is HIV positive.

Again she broke the news to her best friend about her HIV status but ufortunately for her, the best friend couldn’t keep the secret and disclosed it to the lady’s boyfriend of 7 years.

The best friend advised her friend’s boyfriend to go and check his HIV status since he also have been having sex with her. To his surprise he tested positive.

Irked by the medical revelation, the boyfriend confronted the girfriend (lady) on her status. She initially denied but after several attempts she said the truth and confessed.

The boyfriend (man) had his plans. He headed to his house and came back to the lady’s house and shot her multiple times until she gave up the ghost.


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