‘I Have $18.9 Billion To Spend In 2 Years, Who Will Help Me?’ : Yahoo Boy Cries For Help

According to a video-making round on the internet, a Yahoo Boy (A man who carries out 419 fraud) is in tears after calculating the years he has to spend on earth.

As read in the series of inscriptions on the video, the Yahoo boy supposedly has $18.9 billion and he is expected to spend all the money in the spate of 2 years.

He obviously cut a deal with the devil and has gotten such money yet has a short moment to live to enjoy the amount in his possession.

In a part of the clip, the Yahoo boy could be seen partying with his friends and flaunting his new Mercedes Benz.

As seen in another slide in the video, the Yahoo boy is ready to sacrifice all his family members to sustain his wealth.

Watch below.

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