Jay-Z Wants Out Of D'Ussé Partnership

Phyna, a 25-year-old hype woman from Edo state, is a professional hype woman. Phyna, the Big Brother Naija season 7 winner, has taken to social media to express her heartfelt regret to her fans who have been disappointed by certain issues concerning her.

In a now-deleted Instagram story on her social media page, the reality TV star apologized to her fans and stated that she is known to be a carrier of love, light, and kindness. She persuaded him even more.

Jay’s company, SC Liquor, exercised its right to a buyout about a year ago, according to documents. According to their agreement, Bacardi must now “negotiate in good faith” to determine a fair price for Jay’s stake in D’Ussé. That is the issue… Jay believes they are not playing fairly.

SC Liquor claims in the documents that Bacardi’s subsidiary, Empire Investments Inc., is attempting to “stall and stonewall” all efforts to obtain financial information on D’Ussé’s valuation.

Remember, no one has done more to promote the brand than Jay, shouting it out in countless verses – and after a year of Bacardi dragging its feet, Jay believes their endgame is to undercut him on the price.

Jay goes on to accuse Bacardi of mismanaging in a variety of ways in order to reduce profits.

In terms of how much it might be worth, the documents mention a potential value, but Jay’s lawyers redacted the figures. We know both sides disagree on the value because they’ve each thrown out a potential value — again, it’s redacted — but Jay described their figure as “well below” fair value.

If you’re wondering why Jay-Z, who is already a multibillionaire, is haggling over the price, it’s because there’s a lot of liquor money at stake. Remember that George Clooney and Rande Gerber sold their Casamigos tequila stake in 2017… for nearly $1 billion!!!

Jay wants a judge to order Bacardi to turn over its books and all other records pertaining to D’Ussé.

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