Lady Who Will Be 30 Next Year Cries For Being Unmarried And Childless

A lady has gone viral for wailing about how she’ll turn 30 next year but she’s currently childless and without a husband or boyfriend.

As revealed by the now 29-year-old Ghanaian lady, she weeps every night because at her age, she should have been in her husband’s house by now playing and taking care of her kids.

In her opinion, life has become almost meaningless for her because, at her advanced age, she has no man in her life.

And she is yet to raise a family of her own, which is now giving her sleepless nights because she believes she has completely failed as a woman.

The lady captioned the sad trending video as;

“Will be 30 next year, no marriage, no child; I always go to bed in tears. Heal my heart Lord,”

Alot of social media users who have come across the emotional video have advised the lady not to give up on life yet because life is wealth.

And since she has lofe, no one knows what the future holds for her.

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