Mother Of Three Killed By Husband Because She Told Friends That He Beats Her

Mother of three killed by angry husband after she called him out for beating her.

Less than a week after she accused her husband of beating her, the 30-year-old woman was sadly killed by him.

He was shown on a video hitting the mother of three mercilessly in Buffalo, New York.

In February of this year, Keaira Hudson wed Adam Bennefield, 45, and declared it to be the happiest day of her life on Facebook.

Additionally, she referred to Adam as her “forever buddy partner” and claimed that he cherishes her “with every breath he has.”

Sadly, the relationship deteriorated as her spouse became quite abusive, and on September 29, Keaira posted a video of him abusing her on Facebook.

Adam reportedly had a nasty temper before they got married, but he always apologized and pledged to stop hitting her.

“Keaira’s family opposed her getting married to him. They tried to get in touch with Keaira since they were so worried about her, but she claimed to be okay, the buddy posted on Facebook.

On September 28, Adam severely beat Keaira in their house, brandished a knife, confiscated her phone, and forbade her from leaving.

He photographed her in her battered state as she collapsed to the ground following the fighting.

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