My Girlfriend Has Left Him : Controversial Crossdresser James Brown Cries

Barely a few days after his sex tape was leaked, controversial crossdresser James Brown has taken to IG to disclose that his girlfriend has dumped him.

Kemi Filani news reported that the self-acclaimed princess recently made headlines over his leaked s*x tape.

Still speaking on it, the crossdresser who is unruffled stated that he isn’t the first person to have a leaked tape.

Though he feels depressed he has owned up to it and isn’t the first celebrity to do such.

According to him, he has been in a relationship with his partner for over two years and they know each other’s status and health.

James Brown opens up on leaked tape

The crossdresser denied leaking the video and laid curses on the perpetrators.

“My s*x tape leaked out there in public. How do I feel? I feel devastated, feel like shit and feel so bad. I feel like why did this happen to me? I don’t know who leaked it but I know that people hate me and are jealous of who I have become. I am 23 years old and people are coming for me. I don’t know how the video leaked, or who leaked it, But God will judge them.

I own up to it. Yes, I am the one in the tape, yes it happened. What should I do? People have been coming for me saying James Brown why did you have unprotected sex? It is my relationship, we’ve been dating for 2 years. She knows about my status and I am not the first person that the s*x tape leaked”.

On his sexuality and being HIV, he said,

“Because I’m effeminate everyone labelled me gay. I lied about being HIV-positive because I didn’t want to go to prison. Y’all are being judgemental but none of you is a saint”.

In a fresh development. the crossdresser claim that his lover who was in the leaked sex tape with him has dumped him.

‘…I love my girlfriend but now because of this internet we have broken up, we have broken…who leaked that thing…ahhaha.., I don’t know to want to do. He lamented as he cried on the shoulders of his sister, Gracious.

James Brown’s private tape leaks online

Kemi Filani news reported days back that James Brown broke the internet on Monday when a video of him having s*x leaked online.

The crossdresser was seen having s*x with an unidentified woman in the video.

The video, which was leaked on Snapchat, went viral on all social media platforms.

Finally speaking out, James Brown stated that he felt depressed and sad.

According to him, he can’t sleep well and is having a bad dreams.

“For the first time in a long time I am sad & depressed, I feel down and tired. Is this what it felt like?

He further tweeted, “I can’t sleep well, I am havering a bad dream”.

Kemi FIlani News recalls that before he became popular, James Brown was caught at an alleged gay party and paraded by the Nigerian police. During his parade, James Brown cried out of being HIV+ and innocent of the allegation.

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