Osinachi Begged Me Not To Report Her Husband’s Abuse : Tailor Narrates To Court

In this morning Punch Publication, a tailor by the name of Grace Nnaji reportedly disclosed how the late singer Osinachi begged her not to report her husband’s abuse. Grace made this known during her audience at the Federal Capital Territory Court in Abuja on Thursday. Grace said she is a neighbor of the deceased singer.

Grace told the court how she got to know Osinachi through her tailoring job. She said she met the singer when she came to her to make a dress. She then became close to the singer to the extent that Osinachi confided in her on the issues she is facing in her marriage.

According to Grace, Osinachi’s husband does hit the late singer at any slightest provocation. This was based on what the singer confided in her during her lifetime.

While giving her testimony, Grace told the court how Osinachi came to her shop with injuries on her daughter’s head. When she inquired how the injury came about, she said the late singer told her that the husband pushed her and her daughter against the wall.

She added that she was the one that gave Osinachi money to buy drugs for the daughter with a fever.

Grace went ahead to tell the court about several situations in which Peter Nwachukwu abused Osinachi. She spoke of some occasions where Osinachi would have to pass the night at her place because her husband locked her out.

In addition, the tailor explained why Osinachi was scared to tell people about her ordeal. She said Osinachi confided in her that her husband said he would destroy her reputation and also kill her brother.

Grace said she had tried several times to report Osinachi’s husband, but the singer would often beg her not to, telling her that the husband would change.

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