Nana Romeo Apologises To Bullet For Asking Wendy Shay If The Two Were Having An Affair

Accra100.5FM’s Nana Romeo has rendered an apology to Ricky ‘Bullet’ Nana Agyemang for broaching a conversation about his alleged affair with his Rufftown Records signee Wendy Shay during an interview.

Today, Thursday, 20 October 2022, at the end of their exclusive interview, Nana Romeo asked Bullet to offer advice to media persons.

Bullet charged that media personalities show no love or sense of decorum when talking about people’s issues including their fellow media and creative industry players.

Everything is for “content”, for social media popularity, and attracting numbers and often without evidence, where allegations are made, Bullet bemoaned citing his alleged romantic involvement with his signee.

In response, Nana Romeo said: “I’ve learnt some sense from what you’ve said,” and explained he truly strayed from the core reason Wendy Shay had come to the AccraQ100.5FM studio for the controversial 2020 interview.

Bullet interjected saying, “You did not have any evidence [about my supposed affair with Wendy Shay],” but Nana Romeo in reaction maintained: “That may only be what you think, but let’s leave that bit aside.”

“You see, you still don’t want to admit, there is no evidence for the alleged affair,” Bullet chuckled.

Romeo pressed on: “[The thing is] Even if I had evidence, why should it be on radio?”

“I admit I did what was not right,” he touched his chest to signal earnestness. “I apologise for that.”

Bullet accepted the apology with the words: “That’s it. We move.”

“It’s about the industry [and not me per se]. I need you, bro, you need me,” Bullet added after recounting how people around him protested his coming for the Thursday, October 20, 2022 interview.

“We move together, and we win together,” he stressed while Nana Romeo came in with: “I’ve come to understand, it should not have been on the radio but maybe in a private conversation, I could have engaged Wendy Shay on the issue. Not on-air with thousands listening.”

“Yes, you don’t do that, especially when there’s no evidence to that effect. Don’t do it,” Bullet charged again.

Afropop star Wendy Shay walked out of the Accra FM studios when Nana Romeo intimated she had an unprofessional relationship with her boss. The 2020 interview caused a huge stir on social media that year and resurfaced in September 2022.

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