Chris Brown Accused Of Buying All Of Quavo's Concert Ticket So No One Would Turn Up As The Rapper Performs To Almost Empty Arena


Fans are alleging that Chris Brown bought up all the tickets to his rival, Quavo's show, leaving the star to perform to an empty arena.


A video shared online shows Quavo performing to an almost empty venue after people failed to turn up for his show.


The former MIgos rapper had a headlining show at Hartford Healthcare Ampitheater in Bridgeport, Connecticut over the weekend. 


The venue has an audience capacity of more than 5,700, but in footage from the show, it seemed an audience of barely more than a few hundred had turned up to see the rapper. 


Those who turned up crowded together at the front of the stage, with the rest of the venue virtually empty.

As video of the empty venue circulated, people blamed Chris Brown and alleged that he bought most of the tickets to ensure fans couldn't buy it.


“Chris Brown evil for this, apparently he bought all the tickets at the Quavo concert just so the crowd is empty,” one person tweeted. 

“Chris Brown bought majority of the tickets for Quavo’s show. This is pure Savagery,” said another fan. 


Even 50 Cent reacted, writing: “Oh this sh*t getting different. I know (n*ggas) tight. LOL.”

However, some fans questioned just how willing Chris Brown would be to spend a fortune buying all the tickets, with the money will go into Quavo's pocket.


Chris Brown is yet to publicly comment on the speculation, but it seems logistically unlikely that he’s to blame, especially as fans are interpreting Brown’s alleged act as a response to a diss track Quavo released only three days ago.

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