PHOTOS Of Rico Swavey Battling For Life After Ghastly Accident Surface

Naija News reports that his colleague, Alex Unusual called for prayer after announcing the unfortunate incident on Tuesday.

Sharing a photo of her colleague, Alex sought support financially, adding that his family and friends are waiting on God and the doctors to save his life.

“I wish I didn’t have to post this, but my friend is in a critical condition and we need your financial assistance and prayers.

“I also wish I could give more information on his health, but how can I when we are still waiting for the doctors and God to save this dear life or at least get a sign or response from Rico?

“Whatever you can do to support them will be highly appreciated as he is on life support and fighting for his life. Please,” the reality star wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the management of the reality star earlier noted that his condition is currently critical.

They shared a video from the accident scene with the caption: “Hello everyone, Rico Swavey is not disposed to handle his socials right now as he was involved in a ghastly accident and is currently on life support. While his situation is critical and doctors are on him, We implore your support and prayers. Signed: Management.”

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