Some Sex Positions Cure Headache And Blood Pressure : Says Expert

Ghanaian marriage counsellor and self-acclaimed sex expert has asserted that sexual intercourse can be considered a remedy for treating various ailments.

Papa Kwamina Amoo, who claims to have spent nearly two decades on research, said beyond the pleasure sex gives, it can subdue migraine to blood pressure.

According to him, there is a lot about sex that many do not know that ought to be explored by sexual partners to unravel its benefits.

“You can use sex to heal. There are sex positions for healing heartaches, and pressure,” Mr Amoo said on Multimedia’s Prime Morning on Joy Prime TV .

Frequent sexual activities have been scientifically proven to enhance the general well-being of both men and women.

But the claim that different sex positions can heal people of various ailments appears to be a new addition.

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