"That Was The Day You Broke My Heart" : 50 Cent's Son Marquise Jackson Says He's Open To Having A Conversation With His Father Amid Ongoing Feud

50 Cent’s eldest son, Marquise Jackson has said he is open to having a conversation with his father.

He had made this known intially after offering to pay his father money to spend time with him.

However, 50 Cent doubted he had good intentions with his request to meet up and made this known.

Marquise has now responded, pouring out his heart while offering to sit and talk with his father.

He shared a photo of himself as a boy with his father and other photos.

"That was the day you broke my heart" 50 Cent

In the caption, he wrote: “Now y’all all see I tried to reach out to talk to my pops as a MAN in front of the & behind the scenes.”

He also shared video evidence showing how he’s blocked by 50 Cent’s account.

Marquise added: “I have no phone number for you & You’ve had me blocked on social media for years so I can’t DM you personally & everybody that is mutual is scared to touch the topic bc they’re scared of you.”

He went on to explain why he’s spoken about their issues publicly on Instagram, suggesting it’s the only reliable way to get a response from his father.

He then told his father that he is ready to talk whenever he is.

"That was the day you broke my heart" 50 Cent

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