“Witches Attack Me In My Dreams Because I Act Witch Roles In Most Of My Movies” : Iya Gbonkan Cries Out | WATCH

Margaret Bandele Olayinka, commonly known as Iya Gbonkan, a popular actress, complains of being attacked by witches in her dreams.

She said in an interview that because she frequently plays the part of a witch in films, witches are now attacking her in her nightmares.

This isn’t the first time the seasoned actress has lamented a witch attack; she previously described how a witch attempted to recruit her into their coven.

Watch the speak below;


Her revelation has elicited mixed reactions from social media users:

seundreams wrote: “Just tell us say u be winch too”

unusualrita wrote: “Long over due God forgive me”

deliciouskitchen25 wrote: “Why won’t they come for you? When you play their part So well just like them in reality”

Iya Gbonkan is the stage name of Margaret Bandele Olayinka, a renowned Nigerian actress who was born on September 14, 1958. She is best known for her eerie facial expressions.

Iya Gbonkan frequently plays a vengeful witch in Yoruba movies, which is made easier by her physical attributes. She gained notoriety in the early 1970s when she appeared in the television series Pa Yemi Elebu’bon by Ifa Olokun, as well as Olori Emere and Yekinni Ajileye’s Koto Orun.

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