Actor Saved By Hotel Manager After CCTV Captures Moment Lady Laced His Drink | WATCH

A Nigerian actor has been given another chance at life after a hotel manager rescued him from what would have been his unexplained and untimely death.

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage making the rounds on social media captures the chilling moment a young lady laced a man’s drink with a substance in a hotel.

The lady and her male companion were having a good time at the hotel’s bar when the manager of the facility confronted them and inquired about the man’s relationship with her.

The man who had been identified as a Nollywood actor was on the verge of drinking the content of his glass when the manager walked in on them to stop him immediately.

The manager insisted on knowing if the man knew the lady, and when the man answered that they were friends, the manager went on to expose the bad intention of his companion.

Initially, the dramatic scene all seemed like a prank to the actor until the manager asked the lady to take the drink in the cup for the sake of doubt as he accused her of lacing the drink with a substance.

She vehemently denied the accusations and put up a defensive stance. The manager then led them to his office with a large screen showing the live feed from the CCTV in the hotel.

He then played back the security video showing how the lady had carefully laced her friend’s drink immediately after he excused himself to use the washroom.

When the man saw this, he became enraged and attacked the lady, slapping her until he was stopped by the manager and other onlookers who quickly intervened.

Watch the video below.

What happened in the aftermath of the incident is yet to be known. But obviously, this is a murder attempt on the life of a celebrity who would take drastic action against her in a court of law.

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