Autopsy Reports On Ifeanyi’s Death Finally Revealed

The police have released the findings of Ifeanyi, Davido’s 3-year-old son’s autopsy.

Ifeanyi did indeed drown, according to the autopsy report that was brought to the hospital to aid in the police inquiry.

After learning the results of the autopsy, the police detained his nanny and the house cook to assist with their ongoing investigation.

Now it’s official that the son of Nigerian superstar Davido is no more as a result of drowning.

Sometime last week, a news report went viral that Ifeanyi was alive and receiving treatment in an undisclosed location in the United States.

A video accompanying the story had a young boy on a hospital bed with monitors all around him receiving treatment.

It later emerged that the boy in question wasn’t Ifeanyi but rather another boy who is battling cancer.

Following the official autopsy report from the police, we can now conclude that Ifeanyi is dead.

May his soul rest in peace.

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