Fella Makfui Flaunts Her Brand-New Chevrolet Corvette | PHOTOS


Fella Makafui has added a new car to her already existing fleet of expensive cars – It is believed that the new ride was financed by her hubby Medikal as compensation.

Just two weeks ago, reports that went viral on the internet suggested that the love birds were contemplating divorce.

According to inside news, despite Medikal being caught on several occasions cheating on Fella Makafui, he has refused to change and continues to sleep around like a roman soldier.

It was also alleged that both mothers of the power couple were the ones who vehemently opposed the divorce proposal from Fella Makafui.

Through a series of posts on the internet, Fella and Medikal all threw shades at each other and connecting the dots, Fella accused Medikal of cheating while the musician slammed the wife for refusing to stay submissive.

Apparently, the issue has been settled and Medikal has reportedly compensated Fella with a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette.

Happy and satisfied Fella has taken to social media to share pictures of her new ride.

According to Fella, the new alleged gift from her hubby is worth all the hassle she has endured for the past two weeks.

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