Female Comedian Shows Off Thick Round V-Shape In Raunchy Outfit | PHOTOS

Elsa Majimbo, Kenyan comedian, has stated on several occasions that she doesn't care what her critics think of her, and it appears that she is living this truth if her latest tweet is any indication.

Majimbo shared a photo of herself in a short romper that clung to her curves. The outfit left little to the imagination, eliciting wild reactions on Twitter from Kenyans.

The comedian recently relocated to the US where she currently resides. During a past interview with Forbes, Majimbo lamented on the ‘complicated’ relationship she has with Nairobi that has made her reach the decision.

“My relationship with Africa is amazing and I still go back every few weeks. I go back to like Ghana, South Africa, it’s because Africans know how to party and they make amazing food. No offence, but you can never find that in LA. So just that sense of community and belonging is very important to me and I am glad I have it,” she explained.

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