Ghanaians Petition FIFA To Look Into Referee Ismail Elfath’s Controversial Penalty To Portugal

There’s currently an ongoing petition to FIFA to look into referee Ismail Elfath’s controversial penalty to Portugal which has since received a public outburst.

As opined by many Ghanaians and football lovers all over the world including some soccer experts like Mike Dean who is an EPL referee – it was a call for the penalty, plus an offside second goal allowed and not forgetting the dubious yellow card to Alidu Seidu.

Apparently, referee Ismail Elfath made bad decisions when it mattered the most and it also demoralized players of the Blackstars team.

Surprisingly, referee Ismail Elfath refused to go and check the VAR even when the players were urging him to go and check in order to reconsider his controversial decision.

It’s fair to demand that FIFA review the performance of referee Ismail Elfath. It’s not for nothing FIFA has invested in technology to improve the quality of decisions on the pitch.

The VAR referees should also be suspended, they equally didn’t play their role.

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