Hajia4Real Was Arrested At The Airport : Kwesi Ernest Claims

Artiste manager and Entertainment show host pundit Kwesi Ernest, a member of Alordia Promotions, the organisers of Ghana Music Awards United Kingdom (GMA UK), has confirmed the arrest of socialite and singer Hajia4Real in London.

News emerged that Hajia4Real who recently visited the UK for the 2022 GMA UK had been arrested on Friday, November 11, 2022, while still in the country.

After the report broke out, some sceptics aggressively dismissed the accounts with the claim that it was a plot by her enemies just to tarnish her image.

If not for anything, Hajia4Real’s loud silence has given a heavy hint that she’s currently in the grips of the police.

Speaking in an interview onPeace FM, Kwesi Ernest who is the spokesperson for GMA UK confirmed that Hajia4Real has been picked up by authorities.

As emphatically stated by Kwesi Ernest, Hajia4Real was apprehended while she was on a flight returning to Ghana.

He further explained that the singer was supposed to leave London on Thursday, November 10, 2022. While on the flight, there a was security alert that delayed the flight for about two hours before Hajia4Real was arrested.

I can confirm that she was picked up just when she was about to set off on her flight back to Ghana but we don’t have any information on her charges and where she is at the moment,” 

Both Hajia4Real’s family and management team are also yet to make a declaration on this trending issue to give fans of the ‘Fine Girl’ hitmaker a vivid idea of what is actually happening behind the scenes.

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