Hotter Than The Sun! Pete Davidson’s New GF Emily Ratajkowski Sexiest Bikini Pictures

With a body as killer as actress-model Emily Ratajkowski‘s, no wonder she’s constantly in bikinis. A self-described “beach baby,” Emily founded her own swimwear line, Inamorata, in 2017.

The Gone Girl actress had already gathered a healthy Instagram fan following on her personal account, Emrata, which was a lot easier to spell than her last name. Her business-savvy side kicked in when she realized that she could wear a sexy swimsuit to the beach or on vacation and get free advertising for her swimwear label just by tagging it.

“The thing that people don’t realize about being a model, an actor, and celebrity influencer, is that you see a ton of contracts. I became really good at doing deals,” Emily told Forbes in 2020 after being named to the publication’s “30 Under 30” list for her influencer-entrepreneurship.

She went on to explain how showing off her swimsuit figure in licensing and partnership deals only resulted in a small percentage of profits, which spurred her to start Inamorata.

“Now it’s a pretty common understanding: building out your Instagram is building a brand,” she added. “People weren’t thinking that way three years ago. And I was like, ‘I already had built a brand with Emrata, but now I want to change this into something where I’m not waiting to do collabs. I have my own products that I’m selling.’”

That’s wonderful news for fans, because wherever Emily goes, be it on vacation, a trip to the beach in L.A. or the Hamptons or sitting poolside, she’ll snap a photo and make sure fans know that her sexy swimwear is from her brand.

In addition to being business savvy, Emily is aware of how her impossibly perfect body has helped get her far in the modeling and media industries.

In a January 4, 2020, Instagram post while wearing a print bikini, Emily stunned fans by revealing her very adult-looking body was that of someone barely a teenager.

“I used to like showing people this photo of me at 14 to prove that my body is natural. Now I’m a little sad it exists at all. I was just a kid in this picture, and I wish the world had encouraged my 14-year-old self to be more than just my body,” Emily began in the caption.

“All of that said, I do still feel like I’ve been empowered through my body and my sexuality via modeling and platforms like Instagram. Luckily, I have discovered the parts of me that are so much more important than ‘sexiness.’ But if you’re a 14-year-old girl reading this, don’t worry about any of that for now. Read lots of books and know that what you see on Instagram is just a very small fraction of complete and beautifully complex human beings,” she advised.

Scroll down to see Emily’s hottest bikini photos. 


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