I Know Nothing About Fennec Okyere’s Death : Bulldog

Artiste manager and entertainment show pundit, Bulldog, has finally reacted to Shatta Wale’s wild allegations of having a hand in the death of Kwaw Kese’s former manager Fennec Okyere.

Recall that earlier last week, Shatta Wale through a series of Facebook posts, pointed accusing fingers at Bulldog for being part of the Fennec Okyere’s killers.

As claimed by Shatta Wale, Bulldog personally confessed to him that he was the one who hired assassins to kill Fennec Okyere.

He also promised to assist the police in investigations in order for Bulldog to carry the total weight of the law.

Just last Tuesday, Bulldog sued Shatta Wale for defamation of character.

Speaking on Hitz FM yesterday, Bulldog stated that he knows nothing about Fennec Okyere’s death.

According to Bulldog, Fennec Okyere was like a brother to him because he even came to his house to eat most of the time when he was alive.

Recounting how close he was to the late artiste manager, Bulldog additionally asserted that he was the one who introduced Fennec Okyere to the artiste management business.

“Fennec is my friend. I knew Fennec way before he started managing Kwaw Kesse. I am the person who introduced Fennec to the artiste manager business. As I speak to you now, Fennec is on my right-side listening. He is saying to himself, Charley I get a like I go talk some.
“If you get my wife on the phone she will tell you. Fennec comes to my home and come and eat. That’s how we are. The last time I spoke to Fennec was like five days before he got murdered.”

Bulldog got teary when reminiscing about their project which did not see the light of day after his friend was murdered.

“We were supposed to have a joint, something like a union for managers. You can call Socrates and put him on speaker.”

I am also looking for those who killed Fennec so I can be at peace. Because if you google who killed Fennec, my name pops up and I don’t like that. That is my friend.”

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