Main Reason Why Davido Married Chioma Revealed


It was previously reported that singer Davido married his girlfriend Chioma Rowland in secret.  According to media reports, the couple had their traditional wedding a week ago.

According to rumors, the singer married Chioma in accordance with Igbo custom.

Ifeanyi cannot be buried as an Adeleke as long as the bride price has not been paid, according to Eastern tradition.

Davido’s father also wanted the couple to marry, which is why the singer married her.

Because Chioma was reluctant to stay with the singer, his father had to plead with her and her family.

Davido had been restless as well, and he didn’t want Chioma to abandon him.

Chioma’s family finally agreed to pay the bride price.

Messages of congratulations poured in as singer Davido married his girlfriend, Chioma Rowland.

Following the death of their son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, the couple has been through a difficult time together.

According to sources, the singer secretly married Chioma after their son died.

The traditional wedding was held in his father’s home, with only a few family members in attendance and no photographers allowed.  Chioma’s bride price had been paid in full as well.

Davido had planned to marry Chioma next year, but after the tragedy, the singer married her right away.

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