“Mama’s Boy” Stefflon Don, Burna Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend, Has Spoken Out


Stefflon Don, a British rapper, has resumed slamming her ex-boyfriend, Burna Boy. Stefflon Don, born Stephanie Victoria Allen, took to her TikTok page to mock him.

She and a friend were seen dancing to a song in which they mocked the singer for being a mummy’s boy.

She claimed that Burna Boy is a mummy’s boy rather than a man.

“When he’s no longer a mummy’s boy.”

Stefflon Don, Burna Boy’s ex, reacted to his hit song ‘Last Last,’ which many assumed was about their relationship.

When asked about her relationship with the singer, the music star told TT Torrez, “You just going to drop it like that? We’re not going to talk about it, TT. “We had been together for two and a half years,” she explained.

When asked if she thought Burna Boy sold her out in the song, Stefflon Don admitted that some of it was made up.

⁣”He said something in it, and I said that’s a lie.”

Burna Boy previously released a song titled Everybody Go Chop Breakfast, which was panned for being directed at his ex-lover.

Stefflon responded to the critics by releasing her song ‘First Of All’ via her YouTube page, stating in a tweet that the song is her side of the story.

However, she sent a message to the general public in the song to mind their own business.

“So I just want to gather everybody here today to say it is now time to mind your own business,” she said. Not everything is suitable for everyone.

“You’ve come here now to hear other people’s business, nosy. Mind your own business at times. No, mind your own business, which pays you.”

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