Nigeria: Man Claims He Attended His Own Wedding Without Realising He Is The Groom


A newlywed is claiming he attended his own wedding without knowing he was the groom.


On Saturday, Nov. 19, a Twitter user with the username Jeanios tweeted that he was attending a wedding.


"Attending a friend's wedding today," the man, who is part Togolese and part Nigerian, wrote.


Today, Nov. 23, he returned to Twitter to reveal that, unknown to him, it was his wedding.


 "If I tell you people this thing, you will not believe me. Ashey I was the groom. I don’t know how come. As I got there they just told me to start dressing up and be smiling for pictures ear and dear. Anyways, happy married life to me." he joked.

His tweet has gone viral with other users joking about it. 

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