People Just Want To Speak Ill About My Brother, But They Know The Quality He Is : Dede Ayew


Captain of the Black Stars Andre Dede Ayew has made some statements while granting an interview aftermath of the match between Ghana and South Korea.

Asked by a journalist in the interview about his comments about his brother’s (Jordan) performance in the Ghana-South Korea game, Dede has this to say.

According to him, people just speak ill about his brother, Jordan but in their hearts, they know the quality of a player he is.

Jordan Ayew in recent times has been bashed and called out for non-performance in the Black Star on the field of play.

People say he must be dropped at all costs because he doesn’t match up to the standard of the forward we need for the Black Stars.

In this background, Dede Ayew has put and set records straight that his brother is a good player just that people (Ghanaians most especially) don’t see his worth.

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