Recruitment Scam: Jobseekers Stranded At Airport City As Company Does Not Exist


Jobseekers were left stranded at Stanbic Heights in Airport City after discovering a company that had promised them employment did not exist.

A company called End Hunger Africa had reached out to these desperate job seekers on social media and promised them gargantuan salaries.

In fact, one of the vacancies was offering a whopping $1,300 for an SHS graduate who was ready to work as a Project Manager.

After they had been given the location to come for their appointment letters, they got there only to realize the company never existed.

The owners and managers of Stanbic Heights were in shock when they saw all these people converge at their premises with the hope of landing juicy employment.

According to report, the jobseekers paid a GHC12,000 for the fake jobs.

Ekow Lloyd wrote:

We told them it a scam but they went ahead believing they will get the appointment letters. Who on earth pay an SHS graduate $1300 as an operation officer. There were many red flags but Ghanaians as usual ignored the warnings. Some didn’t know thou but next time they shine.

Vincent wrote: Unemployment is very high in the country but some are celebrating Bawumia for wearing black stars jersey…the politicians will always take us for granted..

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