South African Actress Sonia Mbele Trends After Her Son Was Accused Of Physical Abuse And Attempted Rape By His Girlfriend | PHOTOS


Donell Mbele, the son of popular South African actress Sonia Mbele, has been accused of beating up his girlfriend/baby mama and trying to rape her.


The girlfriend shared photos of the injuries allegedly inflicted on her by Donell. She also shared a screenshot of chats purportedly from Donell.

In the chats, the user said to be Donell is seen admitting to physical abuse and attempted rape.

Sharing photos of her injuries, the girlfriend wrote: "Donell cheated and when I found out he beat me up. He has been deleting all my posts from my account cause he doesn't want the work to see what a dog he is."

Though Donell is the one accused, sadly, his famous mother is the one getting smeared and many Twitter users are not OK with this.


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