Strika Of Beasts Of No Nation Begs Ghanaians For Help

Talented Ghanaian actor born Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye has once again come to the internet to beg for help and solicit funds for the second time.

Just a few days ago, a video that went viral on social media captures the actor selling coconuts on the streets.

Alot of social media users who came across the video of Strika selling coconuts to survive called on various movie producers and directors to assist the young man because he’s still young and full of potential.

Appearing in the studios of Funny Love Radio, the actor revealed that things have turned from bad to worse concerning his welfare.

Speaking to one of the presenters, Strika emotionally revealed that Ghanaians will weep if they are to find out where he sleeps.

He says aside from his difficulty finding accommodation, he works as a carpenter’s apprentice and has to rely on his master to feed him.

Explaining how he used the money he got from casting in Beast Of No Nation, he asserted that the proceeds from his appearance in the movie never made their way to him and he has been forced back into the role of a street boy.

He ended his plea by revealing that he will be very happy if movie directors cast him on even skits or shot comedy series.

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