The Only Man Who Can Save The Cedi : Reactions To Ati Zigi’s Wonderful Saves Against South Korea

Ghanaians have been thrown into a state of happiness after yesterday’s win over South Korea.

The game was filled with tension, especially in the last 10 minutes of the game when the pressure mounted on the half of the Black Stars by the Koreans had become high.

Indeed, 10 minutes is a long way to go. But in all these moments the goalkeeper for Blac Stars Ati Zigi was there to save the situation.

He made sure that he doesn’t concede another goal. Ati Zigi made 27 touches, four significant saves, and five recoveries during the course of the game’s 90 minutes.

His wonderful performance has earned him praise on social media. A section of Netizens has thanked him for his service in ensuring victory for the Stars.

Below Are some reactions garnered online.

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