Video Of Ronaldo Putting Something Into His Mouth During Ghana Game


A video has gone viral that gives an account of Cristiano Ronaldo inserting something edible into his mouth during the game against Ghana.

A social media stir has been generated over what Ronaldo was actually picking out from his shorts and putting into his mouth.

When the second half began, Ronaldo hopped onto the pitch but had to dip his hands into his pants to fetch what looked like a pill and then chewed on it.

This video has since gone viral with many Ghanaians intimating that Ronaldo might have chewed something controversial that demands an investigation.

Others who have the requisite knowledge about the game have added that Ronaldo inserted into his mouth a pill that players chew for energy and vitality.

However, the focus has rather been on why he picked it up from a place between his groins.

Ghana lost painfully to Portugal by 3-2.

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