“We’ve Heard You’re Very Stubborn” : School Kids Confront Nana Aba

Ghanaian journalist Nana Aba Anamoah was put on the spot by some schoolkids who confronted her about her past.

Visiting her alma mater Alsyd Academy, The GhOne TV General Manger was accosted by these students who wanted to find out what she was up to when she was their age.

According to these curious young minds, they had heard about Nana Aba’s escapades as a young schoolgirl who was very stubborn.

They wanted to find out from the horse’s own mouth and so they put the question to her while interacting with her in a video.

“I heard that you were stubborn in Alsyd, but you always listen to instructions. I want to ask you, were you stubborn,” one girl asked.

“It depends on who is saying it,” Nana Aba answered after admitting to being. a bit stubborn.

Nana Aba’s reaction after she was accosted by schoolkids who accused her of being stubborn

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