Wives Should Be Submissive : Medikal Says Amidst Divorce Rumours


We can’t tell if the power couple is playing with our minds or not but their recent posts on social media hints that all is not well at home.

Just yesterday, Fella Makafui in a tweet revealed that she was about to take the hardest decision in her life.

She tweeted; I’m about to make the hardest decision ever.

Following her now-deleted tweet on the microblogging platform, fans and observers have started insinuating that trouble is looming over the inseparable couple.

Prior to this, some IG ghost bloggers have claimed on their various pages that Fella has caught Medikal cheating on her on several occasions and their marriage is on the brink of collapse.

Well, Medikal has also shared a very triggering post on his Snapchat which has courted massive attention on the social media platform.

According to the rapper, wives must be submissive, respectful, stressed free and appreciative.

Suddenly, Medikal has turned into a marriage counsellor and it’s believed his newly found ‘profession’ is a result of his bitter experience with Fella.

Is Fella Makafui the entire opposite of the qualities Medikal listed in his post, the reason he’s seeking a divorce as strongly speculated on social media?

Have the love they shared for each other abruptly met its untimely demise? Ah, well, what do I know, time will answer all these intense questions.

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