A Plus Rants On The Internet After Court Ordered Him To Pay Chairman Wontumi Ghc 60k For Contempt

Following Afia Schwar’s wild claims that she has had sex with Chairman Wontumi plus other damning serious allegations on UTV about 5 months ago, she has been sentenced to a 10-day prison sentence plus Ghc 60k fine.

In a verdict delivered Thursday, December 1, 2022, TV host Nana Ama McBrown, and her panellists, Kwame A Plus and Mr Logic were convicted of contempt of court.

They have also been ordered to pay the controversial business magnate and politician Ghc 6ok each plus 5000 cedis penalty units.

Recall that when Chairman Wontumi through his legal counsel Lawyer Maurice Ampaw first made it publicly known that Afia Schwar, Kwame A Plus, UTV, Fadda Dickson and Mr Logic have been dragged to court.

The political critic came out to brag that nothing fruitful will come out for Chairman Wontumi because he’s a known loud talker.

Unfortunately for him, he has been hit with a sledgehammer despite saying less when Afia Schwar was on her ranting spree of defaming Chairman Wontumi.

For the past few hours, Kwame A Plus who appeared unconquerable on the internet has been mellowed and resorted to writing long posts to express his disappointment in court for placing such a heavy fine on him and his colleagues.

Below are some of the hilarious posts made by Kwame A Plus after the court’s verdict.

As they take the money then the white for my eyes inside want turn yellow. Chai!! Immediately then I want write something for Facebook. Wey McBrown say, herh!! Another 65 be that. Gyae!!

So if they catch the people wey they k!ll Jesus self like they go pay 65 thousand? This judge errrh…. my friend, money before you talk ooo. If e be you like by now your family members dey plan how to sell the cocoa farm to come comot you

Under Mahama, Hopeson Adoye paid 3000 for contempt. Sir John paid 10,000. Sammy Awuku paid 5000.

Under Akufo Addo and his useless government, there is so much inflation that we were convicted to a fine of 65.000.00 because 3000 can only by dragon spray and viagra.

My right to freedom of expression is inalienable. If you can’t stand me just die. Such a ridiculous and shameful judgement!!!

Sika no ahye!! Sika no ahye!! Bronya sika no ahye!! 65 thousand  no ahye!

Nyame nti, y?bedidi. *In Hopeson Adoye’s voice*

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