After Sponsoring This Girl Through School She Left Me For Another Man | WATCH


A distraught man has taken to social media to seek sympathy after his girlfriend treated him badly.

Semi is a heartbroken man who has recounted the wasted years he spent building up a lady only to end up losing her.

According to him, he invested his resources—money, time, and energy—in securing a future for the girl she loved, only for him to lose everything in the end.

In a tweet with an accompanying video that detailed their happy moment, Semi painfully wrote:

After sponsoring this girl through school she left me for another man. This was the same girl I bought a car for last year. I’m so depressed and sad, can’t eat nor sleep. I have been crying since I find out. I’m tired of this life. I don’t think I can live anymore. People advised me to collect the car back but I still love her and want her to be happy even after breaking my heart into pieces.

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