Big Brother Contestant, Andrew Tate Arrested For Rape And Human Trafficking In Police Raid On His Luxury Compound In Romania


Controversial ex-kickboxer and social media influencer, Andrew Tate has been arrested on suspicion of alleged human trafficking, rape, and forming an organised crime group after cops raided his luxury home in Romania.


The prolific social media personality, 36, was detained for 24 hours alongside his brother Tristan as part of the criminal probe, Romanian prosecutors said following raids on his villa and other properties near Bucharest.


Prosecutors said the brothers are suspects in an alleged organized crime ring that sexually exploited at least six women, who were recruited, housed and forced into performing pornographic videos for sale online.

Andrew Tate and his brother will face questioning by the country's organized crime and terrorism team as part of the probe into alleged sex crimes and human trafficking offenses.


Tate, whose full name is Emory Andrew Tate III, has been branded 'the king of toxic masculinity' for his online diatribes against women - which have gained him notoriety and millions of followers. 

Tate, a former pro kickboxer, first came to prominence when he appeared on the reality show Big Brother in 2016, but was ejected from the show after a video surfaced online which appeared to show him striking a woman with a belt.


During the raid, police seized guns, electronics, and edged weapons at his property.

Tate's home in the Eastern European nation was also raided on April 11 this year as part of a human trafficking investigation. 


Following the April raid, which was reportedly prompted by a complaint from a US citizen to the American Embassy in Bucharest, the Tate brothers were detained for several hours for questioning but were released as the investigation continued. 


The arrest comes after his online spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg.  It's believed that his online spat with Thunberg contributed to the timing of the raids as he was busted a day after he taunted the climate activist while posing alongside a Romanian pizza box, confirming his location to authorities.


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