Bobi Wine Unveils Cute Family In Festive Season Photoshoot


During this festive season, millions of people have been posting photos of their loved ones and wishing family and friends a happy Christmas “from me and mine to you and yours.”

Politicians across East Africa have not been left behind in this craze.

If there is any politician who won this “me and mine” photo shoot session – as far as this writer is concerned- it has to be Uganda’s Bobi Wine who posted some absolutely stunning photos of his family on his social media platforms.

Veering away from the stereotypical red and green associated with Christmas, Bobi Wine’s family went with the theme colors of sky and baby blue for their attires. Wine, born Robert Kyagulanyi and his wife, Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi alias Barbie, posed for photos with their four children- Solomon Nyanzi, Shalom Namagembe, Shadraq Mbogo, and Suubi Shine Nakaayi.

Barbie wore a sky blue dress suit as her daughter wore baby blue dresses and all their natural hair styled in beautiful designs. Bobi and his eldest son wore navy blue suits with ties that matched Barbie’s dress while their youngest son wore a grayish beige three-piece suit that he paired with brown shoes and a navy blue tie that matched his father’s and brother’s suit. All cut across as a fashionably forward family with the smiles and love to match.

“From me and mine to you and yours. Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2022 and a Happy New Year 2023,” Bobi Wine captioned the photos from December 24, 2022.

Since posting them, the post garnered 962,000 views, 31,100 likes and 3,205 retweets on Twitter alone. Many were impressed by their photos as Rolando, a Ugandan influencer said, “Breathtaking, scintillating, exhilarating, thrilling. The sheer, unbridles joy of family laid bare for the world to see and admire. A hopeful light in the darkness of troubling and confusing modern times. Kudos your Excellency.”

Barbie continues to be praised for standing by Bobi Wine’s side for over 20 years since they met at the University and through the years when he did not have much to his name from the time they lived in the ghetto when he was referred to as the president of Uganja to date where he is a prolific politician and musician.

Bobi Wine is a former presidential candidate and a popular musician prior to making his political debut in Uganda.

He vied and lost to long time Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and has since been on the forefront of calling out President Museveni’s administration for its failures and atrocities, earning the global spotlight for his political activism.

Over the years, he has been arrested and detained several times for opposing President Museveni and in one of his arrests, there was mass civil unrest in Uganda as protesters poured into the streets of Kampala.

52 people were killed in this protest as government found that they had been killed with bullets fired from police firearms.

Alongside President Museveni’s long time critic and a former presidential aspirant, Kizza Besigye, Bobi Wine is also considered one of President Museveni’s challengers in ending his four decade reign since taking power via a coup. 

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