Brittney Griner Says She’s ‘Good’ & ‘Happy’ In 1st Video Since Leaving Russian Prison | WATCH


Recently freed WNBA player Brittney Griner, 32, was captured on video on her way back into U.S. custody after being freed from Russian prison on Dec. 8. The athlete wore a red flannel zip-up jacket and a grey beanie for her journey home. Notably, she also sported a new haircut, as her long dreadlocks were no longer present. When asked how she was feeling she simply replied, “happy,” along with a large smile. The video, which was released by Russian State Media, also featured someone off camera asking Brittney if she was “ready” to fly to which she replied, “yes.”

The 32-year-old was on her route home back to the U.S. when she also crossed paths with Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, 55, during the prisoner exchange between the two countries (watch VIDEO HERE). The two walked by each other while walking on the UAE airport tarmac. Viktor was seen shaking the hands of a few people, and even seemingly nodded at Brittney before she walked away to greet others.

While at the airport, Brittney was surrounded by several men in suits, and Viktor approached the men with only a single man by his side. The 55-year-old was also spotted carrying a manila envelope as he crossed paths with the Texas native. The men who were escorting Brittney were also seen handing over her two duffle bags to be transported along with her back to the U.S.

Brittney and Viktor’s prisoner exchange comes nearly 10 months after she was detained by Russian officials for her possession of hashish oil at the airport, per The New York Times. She was arrested on Feb. 17, and on Aug. 4, she was found guilty for “large-scale transportation of drugs.” The Olympic gold medalist was also convicted of, “deliberately bringing cannabis-infused vape cartridges into Russia despite them being illegal,” per Reuters.

Brittney Griner on the plane following her release from Russian prison

After being sentenced to prison in Russia for nine years, Brittney filed an appeal. However, on Oct. 25, her appeal was rejected by the Russian courts. Her lawyers spoke to The New York Times at the time of the rejection and spoke on her behalf. “We generally think that we must use all the available legal tools, especially given the harsh and unprecedented nature of her verdict,” they said. President Joe Biden also had been reportedly working on the prisoner exchange since July, and finally on Dec. 8, she was set to return home. “Moments ago I spoke to Brittney Griner. She is safe. She is on a plane. She is on her way home,” Biden wrote via Twitter, along with photos of him with Brittney’s wifeCherelle Griner.

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