Children Slam Late Father For Leaving Them With No Property


The biography of a deceased Nigerian father has reduced many to tears with reference to the inappropriate words his own kids used to tear him apart in a very painful manner.

The man who died at age 66 reportedly left not even a single property for his kids and this is something they deem as a letdown because they expected better from him because he was affluent while alive.

The man’s children said that though no one is perfect, he left them no legacy. The writer of the biography expressed regrets about having him as a father while growing up without mincing words.

They also expressed their annoyance over how he was good to the people outside and not to them his own kids.

A part of the biography which has caught the attention of many social media users read;

“…Indeed you were so good to outsiders but your own home was a total shamble. As a growing child, I regretted having you as a father, but today, look at me, standing to lay you down to rest”

Irrespective of the fact the man didn’t leave a “legacy”, is uncalled for the child or even the family to approve such tribute.

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