Don’t Give God’s Money To The Poor : Rev. Dr Bempah Tells Christians


Popular Ghanaian cleric, Rev Dr Bempah has advised Christians not to give God’s money to the poor during a sermon.

Speaking to his congregation, the Senior Pastor of Holy Hill Chapel Assemblies of God Church emphasised that God’s money shouldn’t be given to the poor just because they seem needy.

He explained that some poor people are simply suffering the consequences of bad decisions they made in the past.

Watch the video below to know more…

His teaching has, however, sparked diverse reactions from social media users. While some agreed with him, others had contrary opinions. See some comments below.

An Instagram user @stanbnx wrote, “Christianity can be confus! ng sometimes, one priest will tell you to pay tithe while another priest will tell you it’s not necessary, Only God knows the right thing, Bible is the best direction.”

Another Instagram user wrote, “Pastor you be scam. I’d rather give to the poor than give to the church.”

@debbylicious, “But truly giving to the poor u need discernment…..Some of then disguise to be poor and use your money for rituals….. Exactly why u give money to your uncles and they use it against you”.

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